IBIS 2.0

Interferometric BIdimensional Spectrometer

The Interferometric BIdimensional Spectrometer 2.0 (IBIS2.0) is a focal plane instrument which will be developed to acquire high cadence spectroscopic and spectropolarimetric images of the solar photosphere and chromosphere. Its previous version, named IBIS, was installed at the focal plane of the Dunn Solar Telescope of the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico (USA). It used two FPI in a classic mount and operated over the range 580 – 860 nm. IBIS2.0 is an important opportunity to investigate many open questions regarding the physics of the solar atmosphere, with particular attention to the phenomena visible in the photosphere and chromosphere, exploiting the performances of such an instrument.

Moreover, IBIS2.0 could represent a first step to develop a new instrument for the next generation telescopes.

Figure 1. IBIS observations of a sunspot acquired on 13 May 2016 at the Dunn Solar Telescope, USA. From left to right: observations taken at the photospheric Fe I 617.3 nm and chromospheric Ca II 854.2 nm lines, in the continuum and core of both lines.